Philippe Guérin

Directeur général
Vigneron de la 3ème génération

The first steps

Philippe Guérin est l’un des « petits derniers » de la troisième génération « Famille Guérin », celle qui a vu l’entreprise Puy Gaudin multiplier par dix la production et la vente passer du direct et local aux circuits de la grande distribution.

Growing up in a family of passionate winegrowers roots and develops in him his love of nature, the vines, the products they offer to those who know how to listen to them and reveal them. He relies on the confidence generated by the comfort of evolving in a familiar world and mastered since always to develop his natural curiosity.

The family and subsidiary transmission guarantees knowledge of viticultural practices. Aware of the need to create a link between production and sales force, he turned to a technical-commercial BTS of wines and spirits. This training allows him to integrate these notions. He implements them in Puy Gaudin, and uses them to bring the products in line with the expectations of consumers. Far from stopping at the family business, Philippe also harbors this ambition for the local "Interprofession".

He settled in 1993, on the 7 hectares of vines transmitted by his father and 3 hectares purchased in his own name. He works a little in Puy Gaudin, whose functioning is still partly based on family members.

The end of the 90s saw the last members of the 2nd generation leave the company for good. The development of volumes is for Philippe an opportunity to listen to his desire to renew winemaking techniques, to open them to other modes discovered during his BTS.

En 2000, il accède au Syndicat du Pineau, tout en développant son rôle au sein de Puy Gaudin. Sa curiosité sans faille et son esprit d’initiative le désignent tout naturellement pour prendre en charge l’élaboration du système qualité de l’entreprise. La préparation à la certification ISO permet de structurer l’entreprise et facilite la mise en œuvre des projets de développement de production et de commercialisation qu’entreprend l’entreprise, dans le même temps. En tant que responsable qualité, Philippe s’investit dans le projet naissant de conception et de construction du nouveau bâtiment. Avec l’augmentation de l’outil de production, l’entreprise voit le nombre d’employés passer de 3 à 15.

Philippe agrees to take on the role of director of Puy Gaudin. If he becomes the guarantor of the economic development and the stability of the company, it is also his responsibility to ensure this development in the spirit that has animated the family for three generations. If the economic and financial viability of Puy Gaudin is the necessary condition for its sustainability, it is unthinkable and unthinkable for this family that this would harm the expression of the passion that flows in their veins.